April 23, 2018

When Parry said he hadn't seen one of my all-time favorite movies, we rectified that situation immediately! Midnight Madness takes you on a scavenger hunt of LA while competing with teams from a nearby college. If you love anything having to do with the 80s and haven't...

April 9, 2018

 A deeply loved, fan-favorite, The Princess Bride is an all-around crowd-pleaser! If you don't own it yet (inconceivable!), then what are you waiting for? 

The Princess Bride (Digital)

The Princess Bride (DVD)

The Princess Bride (Blu-ray)

The Princess Bride Soundtrack...

April 3, 2018

Can't get enough of this cult classic? Check out links below! Be sure to make sure that you are getting the right region DVD or have a player that will work with different regions. This one is hard to come by, so get it while you can!

Electric Dreams (DVD)

Electric Dream...

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