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Holiday Playlist 2020 - Dumpster Fire Xmas

December 2020

Those of you familiar with my annual Horrible Holiday playlists (Since 2014!) know that my goal is usually to cause as much holiday chaos as possible. I thought this year finally proved that parody is dead, so I had honestly abandoned all intentions of making a playlist. But you know I can’t resist making a bad situation worse, so I set out to fill a can of musical gasoline to toss onto the dumpster fire of 2020. However, everything changed when I accidentally stumbled upon the many, many COVID Christmas songs on YouTube. Seriously, there are hundreds of them (with a shocking majority from England)! Typically, I try to walk a tightrope of taste and pick out the most horrific holiday songs that are so bad that they cross over into guilty pleasure good (your opinion may differ, but that isn’t my problem). In all honesty, I am inspired by the plethora of holiday themed COVID offerings. To me, horrific as this whole situation is, these songs are a testament to the resilience of the human spirt and our ability to laugh in the face of the worst...although it doesn’t change the fact that some of them are terrible. If you or anyone in your family has battled COVID, I certainly understand your abstaining from even attempting a listen, but I want you to know that these are meant to brighten your holidays (albeit in my own uniquely warped way). Let them serve as a time capsule of the year we learned more about ourselves, our significant others, and our collective snacking habits than we ever desired! Have the Happiest of Holidays, and may 2021 deliver on all the lost and broken promises of this past year!

Love and Immunity,


PS - As always, many of these are NOT appropriate for little ears (unless you are ready for your children to sing curse-filled lyrics that might embarrass you in public as much as they claim you embarrass them).

Also, if you are looking to justify a lobotomy, you can find a link to the previous 7 Holiday playlists here as well:


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