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Podcast #13 Three O'Clock High

What are you going to do when Buddy Revell comes after you? Pay someone to beat him up, right? And if that doesn't work? Pay Buddy not to fight you? But once in a while, you have to face the music, stand up to the bully, and get in the ring. Three O'Clock High gives you all of that and just a little bit more nuance with multiple love interests for a seemingly average, nerdy, 80s guy, Jerry Mitchell. Three O'Clock High DVD Three O'Clock High Movie Trailer Something to Remember Me By by Jim Walker

Podcast Episode #12 Max Dugan Returns

A Neil Simon script written for the big screen, Max Dugan Returns never receives the praise it so richly deserves. Maybe it's because Simon keeps giving us hit after hit, we never really discover this gem. A widowed, down-on-her-luck teacher and mother, Nora McPhee (Marsha Mason) struggles through daily life with her son, Michael (Matthew Broderick) until she stumbles into a new love, Detective Brian Costello (Donald Sutherland), and her absentee, wanted-by-the-law father, Max Dugan (Jason Robards) show up on her doorstep. Witty banter, superb acting, and the ease of which the characters interact almost make it seem effortless. Glimpses of early Ferris (Ferris Bueller's Day Off) can be see



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