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Podcast #11 High Fidelity

Yes, you read right - High Fidelity...While different than our preface of 1980s movies, it stars one of the biggest stars of the 1980s, John Cusack. We were fortunate enough to have a chance to be at an event where High Fidelity would be shown and then a conversation with John Cusack would ensue, and took the opportunity as a way to rewatch and review a beloved film to see how it has held up ...our thoughts might surprise you. Here is that deleted scene we promised. Links below are just in case you are looking for your own copy: Digital DVD

Podcast #10 Dirty Dancing

One of the all-time chick flicks, watching Dirty Dancing as an adult can be seen as a social commentary of not only the 1960s, but also relevant to today. Watch this favorite again with different eyes...you might be as surprised! Digital Blu-Ray DVD Soundtrack - CD Soundtrack - 20th Anniversary Special Edition (bonus tracks) Jennifer Grey Test Scene



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