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Podcast #25 Breakin'

Mixing traditional forms of dancing with the new phenomenon of street dancing called breakdancing, Turbo, Kelly, and Ozone (TKO) break down barriers with their sick moves. Booglaoo Shrimp Documentary Lockin' with Hip-Hop's Own Fred Astaire: Shaba Doo Traces of Radiotron in MacArthur Park Radiotron Facebook Radiotron Ice T Tweets About Breakin' 20 Landmark Films In Hip-Hop History Breakin' Convention Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Canon Films

Podcast #24 Alien

A sweet cat, forced to make journey through space, gets woken up from a great nap, only to watch humans eat lousy food...and get what they deserve. The Weird Marketing of the Alien Films (Den of Geek) Tropes - Alien High School Production of Alien



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