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Horrible Holiday Playlist 2022 - A Clips Show Christmas

Back when network television ruled the airwaves, a season typically consisted of between 20 to 26 episodes. However, when the budget ran low, a clips show episode, consisting primarily of snippets from previous episodes, was an easy way to help round out the season. So, after eight years of rummaging through thrift store bins and scraping the depths of YouTube to bring you the most unusual (and let’s be honest, generally terrible) holiday “music” of all time, I am tired. So, this year I am generously regifting a selection of glorious tracks painstakingly gathered from past collections. Falling all the way back to the early horror of Holiday Hugs, up through the Disco songs that likely ended several friendships, making the Kessel run (in less than 12 parsecs) through the Star Wars themed playlist, and straight on past those once (or twice) in a lifetime Christmases spent in quarantine. Join me on this journey backwards though the shock and awe of you first felt while wondering just exactly how much time I (or you) will never be able to get back from this doomed venture. I certainly hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed not creating an entire list from the ground up this year (and I hope you get to hear it before Audiomack removes it like they did the 2015, 2016, and 2018 collections)!

Merry Everything!


However, it just wouldn’t be a Parry Playlist without at least one new track. The first person to name it gets a fabulous…ly regrettable prize (as if anyone ever made it all the way through any previous playlist)!

PLEASE NOTE: As always, there is cursing and innuendo in this playlist, so it is probably not appropriate for young ears or easily offended in-laws.


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